Three ways to make it right

By: Frorie22

It was Saturday afternoon when everything was set for me to make Puto Cheese as one of the Filipino delicacies. All ingredients were on the table. The flour, white sugar, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, and baking powder.

I have all the ingredients I need. Unfortunately, I do not know the correct procedure to make it right.

My son asked me when I start to cook? I shrugged my shoulder and sat on a chair next to the table. I looked and sighed. “Is there something wrong, mother?” he asked?

So disappointing, does it sound correct?

Have you experienced the same thing? Have you ever tried to hold your colorful crayons with your pencils and blank bond paper without having any idea on how to do it?

It is unfortunate to grasp the things that we need that we do not have the knowledge and skills to do it.

Anyway, there are three ways to make it right

  • Ask the expert
  • Apply the learning
  • Do it repeatedly until you make it perfect

You will never succeed in life if you keep yourself away from knowledge. Never hesitate to ask for the things that you do not know. Be resourceful about the things around you. Never act to be knowledgeable if you have zero ideas.

Learning does not end by just listening. You must apply the theory. Remember, the lazy fox could never eat the grapes until he tries to catch one. You will never know if you have made it right unless you will try.

The most important thing is consistency. It is not advisable to quit because you have failed some times. Instead, take courage with you.

 Take note that experts you knew were once a newbie like you. They were just consistent in their hard work, self-discipline, and commitment.

I may waste a lot of ingredients before perfecting my recipe, but this is okay. It may not be tasty for the first, second, and even for another few tries, but I will keep doing. I know time will come that I can be proud of it.

When perfection comes, then I can sell my delicacy at the right price to the right customers. I can evaluate my performance If they come to order again with feedback.

Therefore, if you are still confused about why some things are not happening to the way you desire then, maybe you have not yet done the things that you need to. Have you?


By frorie22

A loving mother of 3 handsome guys.
A blessed wife who loves to work at home
A dedicated English teacher
A God-fearing woman who dreams to help our church
A woman who desires to put her thoughts on paper

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